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Barcelona metro map 2021

Updated: January 2021

Below you will find the most recently updated version of the Barcelona Metro map, including the new 5 stations of line L10, schedules and the prices of tickets (year 2021) most often used on the subway. We have also updated the maps of new bus lines in Barcelona. Or if you need you can calculate your optimal route directly:



All images may be copied or printed but it is expressly forbidden to include them in or link them to, any other websites.

January 2021

Normal map, subway schedules
and ticket prices included

----> Click image = Zoom <----

Barcelona metro map 2021

This first version is only the metro map. We also have the Barcelona metro map in PDF (0.8 MB) and PDF in high resolution (8,3MB).

January 2021

(Stations adapted to prams,
disabled, passengers with luggage)

----> Click image = Zoom <----

Barcelona metro map 2021 with elevators for travels

This second version includes the metro stops which are adapted for the disabled, baby strollers, passengers with luggage, etc; as well as those which only have stairs and are a nuisance for the passengers. We also have a PDF version of the Barcelona metro map (adapted stations version) in PDF (0.8 MB) and in PDF in high resolution (9,1MB).

The third versión consists of simple maps of the Barcelona subway for print for save ink:

Barcelona metro map 2021 for print

Simple Barcelona metro map in PDF (1,9 MB) and PDF in high resolution (8,3MB).

Created by Vinals (creative commons license), modified by

We also have another fourth map created by us: "the tourist map of Barcelona".

Barcelona metro map turistic

Simple Barcelona metro map in PDF (2,1 MB) and PDF high resolution (8,3MB).


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The "fifth map" consists of several maps of the Barcelona subway lines individually:

Line 1 | Line 2 | Line 3 | Line 4 | Line 5 | Líne 6 | Líne 7 | Líne 8 | Líne 9N | Líne 9S | Line 10N | Line 10S | Line 11

All subway lines together on a single page

Barcelona metro map 2021

The above map of Barcelona is Zone 1, also including Barcelona airport. If you wish to travel outside the city of Bcn (for example, Manresa, Terrassa, etc) the price of transport tickets is more expensive, depending on the area you are traveling to.

See the different zones below and click on the image to enlarge:

Zone map of public transport of Barcelona

You can download the Barcelona Zones Map PDF (178 KB).




Much time and money was spent on transportation in order to create ours maps and confirm that all details are up to date. Nevertheless, feel free to contact us regarding any fault or defect, indicating the station name and we will correct it.

This map was first created in response to the lack of proper signs in the metro stations, including those platforms.

The official website of metropolitan public transport (ATM-TMB) in Barcelona, has been modified according to our updated map. In particular, the indication of accessible entrances. Unfortunately, however, the official map is still incorrect because some fully adapted subway stations are not indicated as such (as we have witnessed personally).

Thank you very much for your visit, we hope that our Barcelona Metro Map has been useful to you.

  • ITALIANO: Mappa della metropolitana di Barcelona 2021, in Din-A4, pronta per la stampa.
  • FRENCH: Carte (plan) du métro de Barcelone 2021, DIN-A4, prêt pour l'impression.
  • GERMAN: Barcelona U-Bahn Plan (Underground Barcelona Karte), 2021.
  • ARABIAN: 2021 خريطة مترو برشلونة
  • CHINESE: 巴塞罗那地铁地图 2021 - 巴塞羅那地鐵地圖 2021
  • JAPANESE: バルセロナの地下鉄路線図 2021
  • KOREAN: 바르셀로나지하철 노선도 2021



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