Barcelona Metro Map 2024

Updated: April 2024

We have five maps of the Barcelona metro, so you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.


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Barcelona metro map January 2024

This is the "normal" metro map, with metro schedules and ticket prices included. Version in standard PDF for printer (3MB) and in high (and insane) resolution PDF (8MB).

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disabled accessible for wheelchair in Barcelona metro map 2024 with elevators

This second version of the Barcelona metro map is just like the "normal" one, but it also includes metro stops that are adapted for people with disabilities, baby strollers, tourists with luggage, etc. Version in standard PDF for printing (3MB) and high-resolution PDF (9MB).

BARCELONA METRO MAP (simple to save ink)

Barcelona Metro Map January 2024 to print

Simple Barcelona metro map in PDF (1.9 MB) or we also have a high-resolution PDF version (8.3 MB).

This third map is an optimized version for printing with minimal ink usage. Unlike similar maps on other websites that include future metro lines to be built in 20 years, we have the metro plan with the actual (not future) stops, updated as of today.
Map created by Vinals (creative commons license), edited by


We also have a fourth map: the tourist map of Barcelona, where we have selected the 49 most famous sites of our city.

Barcelona Metro Map 2024 tourist


RECOMMENDATION for tourists: As in all tourist cities, here they sell "packs" that you may find interesting, to save money or make your life easier. Also consider that there are places like "la Sagrada Familia" that only sell tickets online to avoid overcrowding, and at places like Casa Batllò or the Aquariüm where the queues to buy tickets are very long:

- Barcelona Tourist Pass: It costs €86.00 and includes entry to Park Güell, la Sagrada Familia, the Tourist Bus, and other things. Some days there are long queues to buy tickets, in extreme heat or cold, but with this ticket, you skip those lines and everything is easier.

- All kinds of "packs": If the Barcelona Tourist Pass does not convince you, you can find all the "ticket packages" that might better suit what you're looking for, there are family packs, cultural, monumental, about Barça, for bachelor parties, etc.

- And even if you don't want to buy anything, we recommend that you visit Tiqets to get ideas! because it is the website that has the most tickets for everything there is in Barcelona. Even if you live in Barcelona, you will surely discover both monuments and attractions that you hadn't thought of, both day and night. And they also have the typical things, like tickets for the Tourist Bus, the Zoo, the Cable Car, etc. Plus you can save up to 20% on some tickets because I don't know how they do it, but almost everything they sell is cheaper than buying the physical tickets.

January 2024

The "fifth map" consists of several plans of the Barcelona metro lines individually:

Line 1 | Line 2 | Line 3 | Line 4 | Line 5 | Line 6 | Line 7 | Line 8 | Line 9N | Line 9S | Line 10N | Line 10S | Line 11

Or if you prefer, you can see all the lines together, on a single page

Barcelona Metro Map 2024 by lines


Barcelona train map 2024 to print

Barcelona metro and railway map in PDF (1.9 MB).

For those interested in visiting cities near Barcelona, this sixth map covers both the metro and tramway of Barcelona city as well as the various railway lines available to leave the city. It includes information about the trains (RENFE/ADIF), as well as the Catalan Government Railways (FGC).

You can save any of our maps to your hard drive, print them, or do whatever you want, but please, do not copy them on other websites, nor make direct links to the images, because we update them with new information constantly.

If you are a tourist: You might be interested in the combined card "The Barcelona Pass", which is good for the main attractions of Barcelona, including La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, the tourist bus, and a 10% discount for other attractions. If you are interested, here is more information.

Barcelona Zones

In summary: Everything you see on our maps is Zone 1, except for the "El Prat" airport in Barcelona which has a more expensive ticket (costs 5.50 Euros), but there's a secret that tourists don't know, if you go to the airport with the line 46 bus it's real zone 1!!! and the ticket costs you super cheap (2.55€). They tell me in the comments that it also works if you go to the airport by train.

If you wish to travel outside the city of Bcn (for example to Manresa, Terrasa, etc) then you will enter zones 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 depending on how far that town is from Barcelona capital.

The ticket prices for transportation cost more money depending on the number of zones you cross (for example, if you go from zone 2 to 4, you have to get a ticket for 3 zones, because you pass through zone 2, 3, and 4).

Below you can see the different zones, click on the image to see it larger:

Map of Barcelona transport zones If you wish, we have the same in PDF version (178 KB).



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