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Barcelona Airport Map

(Updated: September 2023)

The following maps of Barcelona airport, can help to situate themselves and to choose a transport to get to the city of Barcelona.

Barcelona airport is officially called "Aeroport del Prat", is 12 Km. (7.45 Miles) from Barcelona and has 3 terminals. Airport Barcelona-El Prat airport is located southwest of the city, between the municipalities of El Prat de Llobregat, Sant Boi and Vilamoura.

The airport has a telephone information number, 902404704 (if calling from Spain) or 913211000 (outside Spain). For calls outside Spain, dial +34 before the number, which is the international prefix Spain. That is: +34902404704 or +34913211000. If it doesn't work, dial 0 before 34 like 034.

You can find information on your airline's terminal, phone or the number of appropriate airline company in this page of Aena (oficial site of Barcelona Airport).

To go to the city (or back) can choose several types of transport:

  • Aerobus. 5,90€ the trip. See at the end of this page for more information.
  • Metro, 9 sud line. 4,5 € the trip. Generally more comfortable than the bus.
  • Tren. 4,5 € the trip. Generally less comfortable than the bus or metro.
  • Car. Also available Parking at terminal 1 or Terminal 2.
  • Taxi. It can cost between 35 € and 55 € the trip from/to airport to/from the center of Barcelona.
  • Bus. It's usually the cheapest, depending on the destination. If you take BUS LINE 46 from the airport to Plaza España (or vice versa) the ticket to go to the city only costs 2.20 Euros. Most people don't know this and pay a lot for the Aerobus or taxi. But if you are a stingy like me, I'm sure this information will be very useful hahaha.


(Click on them to zoom)

Passenger terminals at Barcelona Airport
Terminales de pasajeros del Aeropuerto de Barcelona
Train Station in Barcelona Airport
Estación de tren en el aeropuerto de Barcelona
Taxi stops at Barcelona Airport
Paradas de taxi en el Aeropuerto de Barcelona
Bus stops at Barcelona Airport
Paradas de autobús en el Aeropuerto de Barcelona
Access roads to the airport in Barcelona
Carreteras de accesos al Aeropuerto de Barcelona
Barcelona Airport Parkings
Parkings del Aeropuerto de Barcelona
Petrol Stations in Barcelona Airport
Gasolineras en el Aeropuerto de Barcelona
Points of access for disabled PMR
Puntos de acceso para discapacitados PMR Aeropuerto de Barcelona

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Bus-aeroport service (called Aerobus)

Aerobus is the bus service that connects the Airport with the centre of Barcelona leaving every 5 minutes, every day of the year. In approximately 35 minutes can go or return to either of the Airport Terminals (T1 or T2) comfortably and economically, without having to change stations or stops. The route covers strategic stops in the city.

All of our vehicles are adapted for people with mobility problems, they have a large area for luggage and all the commodities offered by good public transport.

The actual Aerobus timetibles:

  • Timetables A1 (Aerobus 1), Monday to Saturday, 05.30 h to 00.30 h, from Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona) to Terminal T1 (Airport) and 06:10h to 01:05h from Terminal T1 (Airport) to Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona).
  • Timetables A2 (Aerobus 2), Monday to Saturday, 05.30 h to 00.30 h, from Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona) to Terminal T2 (Airport) and 06:00h to 01:00h from Terminal T2 (Airport) to Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona).

Fares of Aerobus tickets: You can buy your ticket from the staff at the bus stops (payment in cash or by credit card), at the automatic sales machines (payment by credit card) or by paying the bus driver (cash only payments).

  • Single ticket: 5.90 €, valid for one person and his/her luggage and valid up to one hour after purchasing.
  • Return ticket: 10.20 €, valid for person and his/her luggage. Valid GOING up to 1 hour after purchasing, and valid RETURN up to 9 days after purchasing. You must keep the ticket in order to exchange it for the return ticket trip.

For more information, you can visit Aerobus website:

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Thank you very much for your visit, we hope that was helpful our Barcelona Airport map and others little maps.


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