Barcelona Metro Line 6
(Line L6 Purple)

Updated: February 2024

On this website, we have the best map of Barcelona's line 6 metro (purple line), the most complete and updated on the Internet. We have designed it at to make life easier for metro travelers in our city.

Barcelona Metro Line 6.

In the following map, we have updated all the metro stops up to February 2024, as the rest of the maps on other websites are missing things or are very outdated. All stations are in zone 1.

You can download the following map, print it, or do whatever you want with it, but reproduction on any other website is strictly prohibited, as well as direct links to the image.

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Line 6 (purple line) Barcelona Metro Map L6 Stops

We have completely redesigned the maps, introducing some previously unseen features, such as information on transfers to the new rapid buses, estimated travel times between major metro stations, and signage for metro stops adapted for people with wheelchairs, baby strollers, or luggage.

It's important to note that the rapid bus stops (marked with red circles) are located between 50 and 300 meters from the metro stops.

If you wish, you can also check the complete map of the Barcelona Metro, access a page with all the lines together (but separately), or explore the other lines individually:

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Stations of Metro Line 6 (L6)

This is the list of all the stations on Metro Line 6 (purple line). Next to the station name, we have indicated if transfers to other modes of transportation are possible.

Plaça Catalunya
Sant Gervasi
La Bonanova
Les tres torres
Reina Elisenda


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The "partially wheelchair accessible" metro stops mean that you can access the street with a wheelchair, but there are stairs when transferring to other lines.

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