Barcelona Metro Line 9 South (L9S Orange)

Updated: February 2024

After a great effort, we present the most complete and up-to-date map of Barcelona's Metro Line 9 (orange line) available on the Internet. Starting from scratch, we have personally gathered the data and created this map that you will only find at

Barcelona Metro Line 9 South.

In the following map, we have updated all the metro stops until February 2024, as the rest of the maps on other websites are either incomplete or very outdated. All stations are in zone 1.


This map is available for download and printing. However, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce it on other websites or use direct links to the image.

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Map of Line 9 of the Barcelona Metro, orange color

This map, more than just a simple station plan, has been completely redesigned. It includes exclusive features such as information on transfers to the new rapid buses, travel time between major metro stations, and signage for wheelchair-accessible stops, baby strollers, and luggage.

Important note: The stops for the rapid buses (marked with red circles) are located a distance of between 50 and 300 meters from the metro stations.

In addition, you can explore the complete map of the Barcelona Metro, see a page with all the lines detailed individually, or review each line separately:

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Estaciones de la línea 9 Sud del metro (L9S)

Este es el listado de todas las estaciones del metro de la Línea 9 Sud. Junto al nombre de la parada, hemos añadido si se puede realizar un transbordo a otros transportes.

Aeroport T1
Aeroport T2
Mas Blau
Parc Nou
El Prat Estació
Les Moreres
Parc Logístic
Europa /Fira
Can Tries / Gornal
Zona Universitaria


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The "partially wheelchair accessible" metro stops mean that you can access the street with a wheelchair, but there are stairs when transferring to other lines.

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