Weather forecast in Barcelona

Below is a comparison of websites related to weather forecast for Barcelona. We've classified as if they hit or not, in their predictions.

Meteorology is not an exact science, but in Spain there are rivalries between cities and this causes the weather forecasts are different from each other. The predictions from Madrid, tend to predict too much rain over Barcelona. The predictions from the tourist office in Barcelona, tend to predict too much sun. Although, in general, when the weather is changing, everyone is a disaster, and all fail a lot.

At positions 8, 9 and 10 are the websites that tend to always put sun when rain is likely (Meteo Cat) or vice versa, websites that have a malicious forecast with two weeks straight of rain over Barcelona, in summer (July 2011) when in fact virtually not a drop fell (AEMET and Quetiempo), and now something similar is happening with TuTiempo (year 2023).

1.- Meteorology as: (A.K.A. 14-day forecast. Reliability 88%.

Weather in in Barcelona

2.- Weather according to:, forecast 14 days. Reliability 79%.

Tiempo Barcelona

3.- Meteorology as: (or, forecast for 9 days. Reliability 77%.

4.- Weather according to:, forecast 15 days. It used to be the most accurate one (and by a wide margin compared to other websites), but lately, they've been getting it wrong more often, claiming it will rain for several days in the middle of summer (and not a drop falls) and they are falling in our ranking of weather in Barcelona. Reliability 70%

El tiempo -

5.- Meteorology as:, difficult to navigate and offers a lot of useless information. Reliability 69%.

6.- Meteorology as: Meteo Cat, 8 day forecast. Probably use "Ja Oui" to forecast the weather. They tend to put too many "good time" when there is high possibility of rain. Reliability 68%.

7.- State Agency of Meteorology:, 6-day forecast. Probably used to predict weather a dice or maybe they read the coffee grounds. They tend to predict rain over Barcelona, when are practically impossible. Better not trust them. Reliability 65%.


Temperature media in Barcelona

The following is from the official agency of meteorology in Spain (called AEMET) and shows the average temperature in Barcelona from 1970 to 2015.

Temperatura media en Barcelona anual en grados Celsius

The above table indicates the temperature in degrees Celsius and the following table shows the same temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatura media en Barcelona anual en grados Fahrenheit


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Annual average rainfall in Barcelona and a half days of rain per month.

Same as above, the following data is the average Barcelona rain fall from 1970 through 2015.

Precipitación media anual en Barcelona, media de los que llueve al año, cada mes

And now, the chart of the average number of rainy days per year in Barcelona:

Media de lluvia en Barcelona


The complete data can be found in this table in degrees Celsius:

Mount Temperature maximum ºC Temperature minimum ºC Average total rainfall (mm) Average days of rainfall
Jan 13,4ºC 4,4ºC 41 6
Feb 14,6ºC 5,3ºC 29 5
Mar 15,9ºC 6,7ºC 42 6
Apr 17,6ºC 8,5ºC 49 7
May 20,5ºC 12,0ºC 59 7
Jun 24,2ºC 15,7ºC 42 6
Jul 27,5ºC 18,6ºC 20 3
Aug 28,0ºC 19,3ºC 61 6
Sep 25,5ºC 16,7ºC 85 6
Oct 21,5ºC 12,6ºC 91 8
Nov 17,0ºC 8,1ºC 58 6
Dec 14,3ºC 5,7ºC 51 6

The following is the same table but in degrees Fahrenheit:

Mount Temperature maximum ºF Temperature minimum ºF Average total rainfall (mm) Average days of rainfall
Jan 56,1ºF 39,9ºF 41 6
Feb 58,3ºF 41,5ºF 29 5
Mar 60,6ºF 44,1ºF 42 6
Apr 63,7ºF 47,3ºF 49 7
May 68,9ºF 53,6ºF 59 7
Jun 75,6ºF 60,3ºF 42 6
Jul 81,5ºF 65,5ºF 20 3
Aug 82,4ºF 66,7ºF 61 6
Sep 77,9ºF 62,1ºF 85 6
Oct 70,7ºF 54,7ºF 91 8
Nov 62,6ºF 46,6ºF 58 6
Dec 57,7ºF 42,3ºF 51 6


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